Why we switched to eco-friendly glitter… and think you should too!

Glitter is a trend which isn’t going away

From festivals to hen dos to taking over our Instagram feeds, let’s face it… glitter is the key beauty trend that just won’t budge.

Love it (we do!) or loathe it (I mean, it can be really difficult to clean up), a little sparkle can make you feel a like million dollars. And the more the better, right? Like many of you, we’ll take any excuse to cover ourselves in glitter from head to toe 💁🏻‍♀️!

But did you know glitter is a microplastic?

We didn’t. Most standard glitter is made of plastic 😬(and then coated in aluminium). When we realised just how bad glitter can be for the environment we thought twice about plastering our faces in the sparkly stuff.

When it came to removing it, we realised we were rinsing tiny fragments of plastic down the plug hole, polluting the ocean and posing a significant threat to its creatures 😮.

Thankfully, there is an eco-friendly alternative!

We work with a company called Bioglitter® who replace the PET in standard glitter with a film derived from plant cellulose. Our glitter is 92% plastic free (currently the best on the market) but 100% plastic free glitter is on the horizon - the first of its kind!

Our glitter biodegrades when left to compost in a natural environment, and when in water, microorganisms will break it down into harmless substances; carbon dioxide, water and biomass. So don’t worry, its safe to wash down the plug hole 👍🏻!

And so Island Glitter was born

Glitter might only make up a small proportion of the plastics in our world but due to its size and uses it is not recycled. We truly believe any change can help; by offering our customers a viable replacement for standard plastic glitter they can ensure they continue to sparkle both inside and out ✨!