Should we be gramming glitter or gems?

Many companies now off a super simple alternative to glitter - sparkly, adhesive gems. But these are not all they’re cracked up to be. We’ve pulled together our top tips for why you should think twice before picking these gems over our eco-glitter.


We hate to point it out, but all those beautiful little gems are actually just made of plastic 😮. They tend to only work for one application, then they’re thrown away or let’s face it, drop clean off never to be blingin’ again. Island Glitter is made from plants, not plastic, and biodegrades when left to compost in a natural environment, meaning it is safe to wash down the plug hole 💦


Not only will one of our wee glitter pots be cheaper than most gems we’ve seen, you can get many applications out of even the teeniest 6g tin. Share with your besties or keep all that glorious glitter for yourself 😈!


While stick on gems are a cinch to apply, so is Island Glitter - we’ve even tested it on the go, sharing the glitter love in the loo queue, on the dance floor 🎶, you name it... We like to layer our glitter up, because more is more right?


Heavy plastic gems can feel quite uncomfortable to wear all day while our eco-glitter is light to wear, soft to touch and kind to your skin 💕.

We really believe eco-glitter is the way forward - it’s kinder to the environment, often more cost effective and easy to apply, leaving you sparkling from head to toe.

Love Linds & Louie