Our Mission

It’s always been important to us that our customers understand why we created our brand and what values we stand for. They’re the principles we work to and we want to share them with you again so we can continue to be a brand you’re proud to support.

We aim to shake up the glitter industry, spreading glitter and good wherever we go

Seeing no reason to offer 100% plastic glitter when alternatives are available, we’re working hard to create a brand that also goes above and beyond to live up to our values.

1. Plants not plastic 🌿

We’re ocean friendly because fish don’t party. We’re also making sure our packaging is 100% plastic free. You won’t see a peep of plastic packaging from us...not even a rogue sticker...it’s all infinitely recyclable or compostable biomatter. Our glitter is made of more than 90% eucalyptus and it is biodegradable.

2. Glitter with soul 🌎

We know we’re not perfect BUT we always try to do the right thing, spreading glitter & good wherever we go. Island Glitter is 92% plastic free and we'll let you know when we launch 100% plastic free later this year!

3. Lead by example 👊

We want to help shape a better beauty industry. There’s NO reason to offer standard plastic glitter when alternatives are available that are better for our customers and the environment. We’re vegan-friendly. We’re cruelty-free. Get with the programme, people!

4. Inspire Confidence 💁🏻‍♀️

We believe in fun, creativity and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. We want you to always feel your best and we know that sometimes a good dose of sparkle is required.

So if you like what we stand over, head over to @islandglitterco or drop us a link to say hello!

Love, from Linds & Louie