How To Glitter Like A Pro

We’re not all fabulously trained make up artists💄so we have a few handy tips & tricks to share that will get you glittering like a pro in no time 🤩!


Use balm (we like all-natural Babe Balm and Natruline) or aloe vera gel and layer the glitter on top. For something with a bit more staying power, use natural eyelash glue. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.



Dab a little glitter along your cheek bone. This looks cracking on one side of your face or for that extra sparkle, try both!

Pro tip: layer up your glitters to create your own bespoke blends.

Recommended glitter: or try our Electric Dreams blend for instant layered colour

Island Glitter - How To - Cheekbones
Island Glitter - How To - Face


Cover those cheek bones and bring the sparkle all the way up and around your eyebrow in a crescent 🌙

Pro tip: we reckon you only need to do one side to make this look sparkle 💫!

Recommended glitter: try Heavy Metal for all our metallics in one showstopping, kick-ass blend



Apply it above the eye socket for a daring disco vibe. And if you’re feeling adventurous, dab a little under the eye line too.

Pro tip: be careful not to get it in your eyes! Eyelash glue is probably your best pal here as the glitter doesn’t budge 👌🏻

Recommended glitter: use The Real Teal to make sure your sparkly eyes pop

Island Glitter - How To - Eyes


Simply remove with water or your usual cleansing routine. Due to the plant-based ingredients, Island Glitter won’t scratch you upon removal - we definitely don’t miss that feeling! It is also fine to go down the plughole👇🏻🕳

Please share your snaps by tagging @islandglitterco #glitterwithsoul 📸- we can’t wait to see your sparkly glitter looks!

Love, from Linds & Louie