We like big bottles and we cannot lie

We love our little tins, but some of you have fed back that you need a bit more than 12g of glitter 💁🏻‍♀️(we hear ya!).

We’ve always said we’d rather take a wee bit longer to get new products live than rush and not get the packaging quite right. So after a lot of research, we’re super excited to share our new 125g glitter bottles!

So why do we love them?

  • Like our tins, they’re 100% recyclable ♻️and plastic-free

  • They’re made of aluminium meaning they’re super light to transport 👍🏻 and will keep your glitter safe and dry

  • They’re perfect for those of you who get through a lot of glitter (and we mean A LOT 😯)

  • They come filled with the same biodegradable 🌿, ocean-friendly eco-glitter 🌊 (cause fish don’t like to party 🐠)

These shiny bottles are already live on site - we can’t wait to hear what you think! Get in touch via Instagram @islandglitterco

Love, from Linds & Louie