glitter to go ✈️

Travelling light? No problem. Us too. ✈️ 🗺

Whether you’re living out of a backpack for 3 months 🙋‍♀️ off to a festival 🎶 or you’re only taking hand luggage for the weekend 🧳, it can be tough to fit in all the essentials 👙👗👠🕶

Our glitter hack?? Just take the basics and blend your own colours on the fly 🙌✨

Me? I have Blush (pink), The Real Teal (turquoise) and Disco Ball (silver) with me. So I can wear them on their own or layer them to create my fav blend, Electric Dreams.

Louie? She loves her metallics. So Disco Ball (silver) and Gold Digger (gold) are always in her handbag and she can mix them easily to create Heavy Metal.

Application tips? We carry aloe vera gel for bumps, scrapes and sun burn but it’s also perfect for holding your glitter in place ♥️

Have you created any new blends with our base glitter colours?! ✨ Tag us on insta @islandglitterco

Linds & Louie xx